Poster Session Presentations

Geoffrey Booth, Mark Clayton + Julian Kang The Rivertree Academy Interdisciplinary Project
Tina Budzise-Weaver Creating Inclusion from the Beginning: Touring Faculty Candidates in the Library – Poster
Laura Cajiao-Wingenbach Conflict Management in Marriage
Catalina Camacho + Guillermina Gina Núñez-Mchiri Dealing with Racial and Gendered Micro-Aggressions in STEM fields: A Mexicana’s testimonio of White Supremacy in Academia
Crystal Dozier Racialism at Texas A&M: Student Preconceptions, Changing Minds, and Teaching Efficacy
Suzanne Droleskey, Lee Starnes, Kristin Harper, + Mario Rojo Del Busto Comparison of Texas A&M University to Peers in Recognition and Appreciation Efforts for Staff
Suzanne Droleskey, Lee Starnes, Kristin Harper, + Mario Rojo Del Busto Hiring Practices in the Division of Academic Affairs at Texas A&M University
Matthew Etchells, Katherine Landau Wright + Samantha Meister Meeting in the Middle: Ten Strategies for Using Conflict Mediation to Create Inclusive and Supportive Classroom Environments
Dustin Grabsch, Craig Rotter + Sara Harrison Creating a Social Justice Living Learning Program: Ideas and Opportunity for Collaboration
Dustin Grabsch + Craig Rotter Moving toward Gender Inclusive On-Campus Housing at Texas A&M University 
Dustin Grabsch & Summer Odom Outcomes from a Dialogue about Diversity in a Graduate Learning Community
Rebecca Hankins & Brenda White Diversity on 2 Fronts: Evans Library
Kelley Kimple The Racial Identity of Multiracial College Students at Predominantly White Institutions – Poster
Carla Liau Hing Conflict management and Emotional Intelligence (EI)
Monica Majors & Phelecia Udoko No More Noah’s Ark: Inviting a Climate of Diversity through Faculty Mentoring Programs
Fancy Mills Generational Differences: Understanding Generations and Implementing Effective Communication and Conflict Management Strategies
Sandra Nite, ‘Chon Brooks & Devyn Rice Diversity Matters in Informal STEM Experiences
Alyce Odasso, Christina Gushanas, Mary Whirley, Jesse Cahill & Meagan Sumbera A PATH to Inclusion: Involvement of Adults with Disabilities in a Postsecondary Setting to Encourage Campus-Wide Diversity
Nickolaus Ortiz & Trina J. Davis The Non-Colorblind Approach to Mathematics Learning: A Review of Culturally Relevant Pedagogy in Mathematics
Andrew Pickett & George B. Cunningham Managing Sport and Physical Activity Spaces to Create Body Weight Inclusivity: Dimensionality and Health Related Outcomes
Craig Rotter & Sara Harrison Integrating Campus Climate Data in a Residential Housing Application/Roommate Questionnaire
Bara Safarova & Cecilia Giusti B/CS Diversity Open Data BuildDay: Lessons Learned
Jiniva Serrano Issues that Affect Academic Achievement at Escuela Primaria de Parita: A case study of equity and inclusion in a diverse rural community in Panama.
Meagan Shipley, Leigh Szucs & Elisa “Beth” McNeill Increasing Intercultural Awareness: Utilizing Cultural Plunges in Teacher Preparation Programs 
Pallavi Singh International Students: What’s missing and what matters?
Phelecia Udoko & Monica Majors Faculty Incivility and Graduate Students: An Integrated Literature Review
Cynthia Werner How Can Studies of Bride Abduction in the U.S. Inform Conversations about Sexual Assault on U.S. Campuses – Poster
Johna Wright, Sherry Smith, Stephanie Hilliard, Demetria Yanez, Arthur Castro, Carol Coker & Crystal Perkkio  Fostering Inclusion in Academic Medicine: A Staff-Driven Resource Team
Adrienne Carter-Sowell & Carla A. Zimmerman Examining the chronic problems of being ignored, excluded, and/or underrepresented in work groups
Christine Kaunas, Blanca Lupiani, Dea Polk & Sherry Yennello Augmenting TAMU’s Dual Career Program: Maximizing Employment Opportunities for Faculty Partners 
Christine Kaunas, Mary Jo Richardson, Linda Stelly & Sherry Yennello Institutional Data: Informing Program Design for a Workplace Climate Improvement Intervention – Poster
Christine Kaunas, Mary Jo Richardson, Linda Stelly & Sherry Yennello Faculty and Staff Interaction Transformation (FASIT): A Workplace Climate Improvement Intervention – Poster 
Stephanie C. Payne, Isabel Ching & Thomas LaGrone Psychologically Healthy Workplace and 2015 Faculty Climate Survey – Poster
Samantha C. January & Kathi N. Miner Reducing Incivility: Faculty Experiences of Incivility from Faculty, Staff, and Students Over Time